Your bedroom as a reflection of your personality

bed-13Bedroom is the one of the private place in your house. A place for relax and ultimately for rest after busy activities all days. It is all about comfort because people spend a third of their lives in the bedroom. With the variety available in the market you can easily find the styles that fit best with your personality.

You don’t need to confuse of what style of your bed room might be. Just follow your heart and you will satisfy of  what you create. Your bedroom reflects your personality. Just think what you will comfortable with. It is not that expensive design will be good or successful, but a balance between function and aesthetics gives rise to a comfortable space. You don’t need to change the furniture or the floor to chance the atmosphere. Pay attention with a few things will make it different. Here’s how to get started.

Bedding is the first thing. When you walk into your bedroom you want your bed to be the focal point. If you think the mattress is comfortable enough just need to change the bedding sets or add the pillows. You can purchase from classic to modern bedding by any source. You can choose the color, pattern aamazon2nd fabric types you desire.

Online is also a wonderful new way to complete your idea. You can select the items you wish by the pictures. But remember to consider your mattress size and material fit you the most. You may want a sheet that 100% cotton or percale which is a blend. A flannel sheet will be good for warm and cozy filling in the winter. Silk and satin will create the luxurious, sexy and romantic bedroom. Or maybe a traditional pure white sheet set will work with any style of bedroom.

Now you look at the wall. Paint color is important. If you want to stick with warm, cool, relaxing colors stay away from stimulating colors like cherry red, neon greens and canary yellow. You better choose paint colors based on an overall theme for your bedroom. But if you non confidence enough, neutral colors such plain white, lime green, buttery yellow, dove grey and sandstone are easier to match with many style of bed sheet and furniture.

And the final touch is adding accessories for your bedroom. Throw pillows, candles, flowers and lovely artwork will make your room special. Think about the details that make you happy and peaceful. Create the stunning effect with wall hangings, simple paintings, mirrors and photographs. Accessories are your personal statement- an extension of your personal space.

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