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The Appeal of Metal Furniture

The concept of furniture has evolved over the years. From the middle-ages to the present furniture that is influenced by modernism. The dark or gilded carved wood and richly patterned fabrics have given way to the simplicity and geometry of polished metal. The use of new materials such synthetic fibers, vinyl, steel and tubular metal gain its popularity. The forms of furniture evolved visually heavy to light.  

Metal furniture can give your house an attractive, tasteful and contemporary look. You can get everything from kitchen and dining room tables and chairs, cabinets, hostess carts, beds, folding cots, folding card tables, and children’s furniture such as play yards and high chairs. With so much choice on the market today it will be easy to coordinate the look and theme that you wish to achieve in your living spaces.

The most common metal furniture is made from iron, aluminum and steel.

wrought-iron-amazon4Much of the iron furniture available today is wrought iron, rather than cast iron. They reflect fine blend of traditional designs and contemporary style and give the appealing look to your living space. Wrought iron is good for garden furniture, providing a classic look. However, it’s heavy, which is a challenge, but appreciated on windy days. It needs much care, though, and can easily rust and corrode if not waterproofed.

Wrought iron is any kind of metal, which is hammered, twisted or bent into shape. Its can be finished with brush paint, spray paint, or powder coating to achieve the look you desire. When you are buying wrought iron, look for pieces made with solid metal rather than hollow tubing, and that are welded, rather than bolted, together. The elegantly styled wrought iron furniture has reached to the modern homes by presenting fresh and sophisticated looks in new varieties and styles.

stainless-amazon3Steel, a hard tough metal, is an alloy of iron and various small percentages of metallic elements. The alloys produce hardness and resistance to rusting. Galvanized steel has been plated with zinc and stainless steel has been alloyed with chromium.

The presence of chromium in stainless steel furniture makes it stainless and virtually immune to rust and corrosion because of its thin film of oxide on the surface. This type of furniture is good for low maintenance. A stainless steel can be easily melted and recycled, it is also environmental friendly.

Steel furniture is typically pricier when it’s used as furniture, with the price varying according to the type of metal and thickness. However steel furniture is available in varied styles ranging from traditional, antique to modern ones, designs, color and patterns.

 Aluminum furniture is more common than steel furniture, mostly because it doesn’t rust, although it oxidized, turning into a chalky white. It is also lightweight but not exceedingly wind stable. Caste and heavy tube aluminum give better quality.  Aluminum has to be thicker than steel if it is to have as much strength. Tubular aluminum is flexible and hollowing, besides less sturdy.

aluminnum-furniture-amazonBest quality aluminum pieces have a powder-coated finish, which determines the final color of the piece and the durability of metal. Being extremely malleable, aluminum is easily fabricated, formed, welded, riveted or bolted into various shapes which appropriate to be used in a variety of applications.

Often people consider metal furniture with being uncomfortable, as images of “metal” conjure up cold, hard-backed chairs as well as cold, shiny surfaces. However, it’s easy to add cushions and upholstery to make the furniture comfy, as well as attractive. Also, adding some simple curves also adds to comfort as many types of metal furniture manufacturers have done.

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